Short curriculum


The TROPINA folk-ethnic ensemble was established in 1988. The participants of ensemble are pupils of Children school of music from the town of Divnogorsk (Krasnoyarsk region).

The ensemble sings in the regional vocal manner of southern part of Krasnoyarsk region (Daursky, Tukhtetsky and Kouraginsky areas). All dances, folk songs and ceremonies were collected and recorded by conductor of The TROPINA ensemble Elena Vopilova during the folklore expeditions.

The singers made the costumes themselves, by authentic ethnic patterns. More than 180 folk songs and dances are in the repertoire of The TROPINA ensemble.

The TROPINA ensemble won the prizes of The All-Russian Contest called "Singing youth of Russia" in 1992, The All Russian contest of folk ensembles in 1998, and of many regional contests and festivals in 1994-2000. The leader of The TROPINA ensemble Elena Vopilova is the Laureate of the Krasnoyarsk region in the field of traditional folk culture (1995).









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